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Sarkco Group in Bahrain
Established in 1989

The formation of the SARKCO Group, a new corporate business house, created under the stewardship of its Chairman Shaikh Salman ben Ali Al Khalifa was announced today. Nine existing companies that have operated for several years as individual entities will now come under the umbrella of the SARKCO Group, creating a synergy in purpose and vision that will bring benefits to each of the companies while supporting the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.


Speaking on the occasion, Shaikh Salman ben Ali Al Khalifa, Chairman of SARKCO Group said, “The Kingdom of Bahrain’s competitive economy and hospitable environment have bolstered its position as a business and investment destination within the region. We are excited to be part of this positive ambience, contributing our services and specializations to the nation’s advanced business infrastructure. Bahrain continues to play a vital role in creating opportunities, promoting an investment-driven economic development in line with the principles of the Economic Vision 2030. We share the same values, to put the country and the people of Bahrain at the heart of everything we do. These shared ideals and commitment to service and quality are the foundation of our business philosophy and lies at the core of everything we do. It is our endeavor to live up to that promise.”

Goal & Vision

We are the largest Business expert in Middle East

  • To increase the value and creditability of financial statements. To provide unbiased report on the financial statements. To check the financial statements accordance with IFRS.
  • Our aspirations and goals for Devine Accounting are primarily to provide excellent service and to develop meaningful relationships with our clients so that we can understand and meet their accounting flneeds. In short: To provide a service that adds value to the client’s business.

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Team Management

Our basic team is formed of a professional staff members that consist of

  • Further professionally trained accountants who are responsible for providing our clients with all accounting and bookkeeping services.
  • Highly experienced auditors and IFRS specialists.
  • Long career history of taxing consultants and accountants who are following the establishing and developing the most recent rules of taxing laws in the middle east.
  • Highly experienced marketing consultants , Feasibility studies makers & HR team who plays active role in selecting and training the required staff members of our clients.
  • Bahraini licensed lawyers who support our clients in all legal procedures for investing and developing their business projects in Bahrain.
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